Muconics Remote monitoring system

What is Muconics

Muconics automation offers the best solution for your industrial process system with the low cost investment and high gain operation and maintenance in your company business related to the Instrument and automation devices. It covers all process input and output devices to support your process automation with the latest technology. The muconics application is not limited in your local process operation but it also supports your remote area operation using wireless system technology.

In the safety management, muconics offers flood warning system completed with high decibel sound pressure suit for public warning alert. The remote data monitoring, enables collecting status and value such as limit switch, temperature, level, flow, and other process value, local or remote logging system. All application is integrated controller, programmed with your specifics need in your side.

Getting better productivity & maintenance

Another great benefit of leveraging remote monitoring is that it increases internal productivity, not only by reducing downtime and therefore allowing employees to consistently perform their job duties without interruption. With muconics automation, manual tasks and workflows can be shifted from human to machine, freeing up talented personnel to focus their skills elsewhere. Additionally, since your systems and network will be continuously monitored regardless of staff location, you improve service levels and ultimately grow your business

When your automation process value is properly maintained, your business process will continue to run smoothly. Remote monitoring with auto self-check keeps track of the status of all of your devices to ensure that any issues that arise are promptly addressed using proper controller.

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