Power System Analysis and Protective Relay Study, setting up, testing, and commissioning

Safe, high-reliability electric power requires careful study of faults and thoughtful application and coordination of protective devices. KDP Engineers has the experience needed to design and configure your protection system to perform properly under the most demanding condition


Load Flow and Power Factor Studies

Load flow studies are used to predict normal current flows and voltages. They are also used to determine voltage levels that will result from motor starting or other transient loading conditions. These results can be used to adjust transformer tap settings or take other measures that will avoid problems due to under or over voltage. Motor and lighting load can cause low power factor – resulting in higher current flow and possible utility bill penalties. A power factor study can identify solutions that will Reducetotal system loading and provide a positive impact on cash flow.

Short Circuit Studies

Modern electrical power systems must function properly in the event of an insulation failure (fault) and the resulting short circuitcurrent. Overcurrent protective devices, such as circuit breakersand fuses, are designed to interrupt the short circuit current safely with minimum equipment damage and minimum disruption to the facility’s operation.

Protective Relay Studies

The protective device immediately upstream of the location of the fault should isolate the short circuit quickly and minimize damage and service interruption. If the protective device fails to isolate the fault in a predetermined time, the backup devices further upstream should operate in a coordinated fashion.

Power system study engineers perform coordination studies to select proper settings or sizes for relays, breakers and fuses. The engineer must often arbitrate between competing solutions to achieve maximum protection while ensuring minimum service interruption.

 Harmonic Studies

Power quality problems due to harmonic voltage and current distortion have become more common occurrences due to the increasing number of non-linear loads such as variable speed drives, UPS’s and computers.Harmonic studies involve mathematical modeling of the power system to identify potential power quality problems and to evaluate possible solutions. Harmonic studies can be performed before system installation or after a power quality problem has been identified in an existing system.

Testing and Commissioning

Our services encompass the testing and commissioning of Cables, Transformers, Switchgears, Protection Systems, SCADA Systems Services etc. by considering the specific requirements of our customers. We use advanced technology and modern testing tools in our services so as to maintain the industry standards